Got Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Company Overview

The Core is a professional network for creatives. Think of our platform as the LinkedIn for digital creatives. Our site offers the opportunity to find remote jobs daily, connect with other creatives and engage with others through brand events/spaces.

Use The Core for your professional needs. Looking for a job? Use our job board to find the newest remote opportunities. Trying to build a solid network? Use our community to engage with others and expand your reach.

Users must be 18 or older to use The Core.

Yes! There are no location restrictions for our users, however the primary location of users is in North America.

Getting Started

To create an account visit the Registration page to select your plan and set up your account. Once complete, you can customize your profile to reflect your creative journey.

Visit your profile and click the on the ‘Profile’ tab. This will open up your current profile settings. There you can click ‘Edit’ to start inputting your unique information.

Our affiliate program will be launching soon. In the meantime, share our website with anyone you’d like to join and direct them to the Registration page.

Visit the Groups page and find the specific group you’d like to join. Click the ‘View Group’ button to learn more about the group to ensure it’s the right pick for you. Then send a request to join directly.

Visit the primary groups page. At the top of the page you will be able to view all groups, the groups you are a member of and you’ll have the option to ‘Create A Group’. Select this option and follow the prompts to create your very own group.